To see the balance of any balance sheet account that appears on any Flowrev created schedule, on the Revenue and Costs page select View: Balance and click Update.   

If there are any active revenue or cost recognition schedules in that year, a report of the starting balance, the transactions - invoice/bill or from schedules - and ending balance will be displayed for each month in the selected fiscal year. 

Debits to the account will be shown as a negative ( - ) number.  Credits will show as a positive ( + ) number in the above summary report.  The various elements shown, that lead from the starting balance to the ending balance are:

  • Transactions: are any invoice (for revenue) or bill (for costs) based transactions that are mapped directly to the balance sheet account shown.
  • Schedule Defer: are deferral elements on schedules that are active in that month
  • Schedule Recognize: are recognition elements on schedules that are active in that month

You can click on any of the ending balance numbers shown in the summary report above to see the details:

Note:  all schedule elements will need to have been syncd/journaled (marked as: SY) back to your accounting system for balances shown in this report to match.  In the above image, all shedule elements are pending sync (marked as: PS)