Flowrev is a cost and revenue recognition and lifecycle management tool for use with popular online accounting software systems. It helps you automate your management accounting processes for unearned/deferred revenue and costs, thereby close faster and easily deliver more accurate financials and forecasts.

To the exceptional value cloud accounting systems deliver, Flowrev adds the ability for businesses to recognize their costs and revenue over a period of time even if they invoice / receive bills upfront or on a different date.

Flowrev provides the capability to spread out the revenue over the appropriate period - for example, monthly over twelve months. Unexpected changes to transactions, such as mid-term subscription cancellation, changes to recognition time period, changes in rules of revenue recognition, etc. are all easily handled and tracked. Costs can easily be spread out over time too.

Flowrev works seamlessly with your accounting software automatically computing and syncing required journal entries so that the reports in your accounting system accurately reflect your company's revenue, and other reports such as debtors/amount owed remain accurate. 

Use Flowrev and throw away those pesky, time consuming, error prone spreadsheets that you currently use for your deferred revenue and prepaid expense management. No more headaches in maintaining disparate, hard to keep in sync, data sets.

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