When configured to do so, Flowrev can automatically set the service start and end dates for invoice or bill lines

  1. either by using the date range specified on the invoice line description or invoice reference fields in the accounting system

  2. or, if the line is based upon an Item (Product/Service), it is computed from the invoice date and the item's default start computation and duration values

The invoice or bill line's service start and end date will be set following the below precedence:

  1. the service dates specified on the invoice/bill line's description field - this date range will only apply to the line it is on [format below]
  2. if no valid dates are found in step 1, use the service dates specified on the invoice/bills's Reference field - this date range will be applied for all invoice lines except for those getting dates from step 1. above  [format below]
  3. failing #1 and #2 above, the service dates will be set based upon default start date computation method, and default duration parameters specified for Items (Product/Services), if the invoice lines is based upon that item  [see details for this step below]
  4. failing #1, #2 and #3 above, the invoice/bill line's service start and end date will both be set to the invoice/bill date

The auto date feature for steps 1-3 is available with specific Flowrev plans. Check at: flowrev.com/pricing

For Step #1 and/or #2, i.e. when service dates specified in the invoice/bill line description field or the invoice/bill Reference field (if needed, create a custom field with name Reference in your accounting system) is used to set service dates upon invoice/bill load or update, use format:

      { StartDate - EndDate }

Note: the  curly brackets shown are required. The date specification can be placed anywhere in the line description or the invoice/bill reference field - so if desired other text can precede or follow i.e. outside the { }.  Flowrev will look for the first occurrence of a string within { } and use the text within it as the service dates if they are indeed valid dates separated by a dash " - ".  Both StartDate and EndDate are required, but can be set to be the same.  The format for StartDate and EndDate has to be:

  • For USA organizations:        MM/DD/YYYY        where year has to be 4 digits. 1/29/2016 is valid.  1/29/16 is not. 
  • For all other organizations:  DD/MM/YYYY

In the example below, invoice line 1 (PM-BR) has a valid date range specified, and the system automatically sets the date for the line to it upon load. Line 2 (Support-M) does not have a valid date range in the first instance of the string within {}, so the system uses the valid range it finds in the invoices's Reference field. For line 2, the system ignores the second instance of {...} and would ignore it even if it were a valid date range because it is not the first instance of text within { }

For Step #3 above, users can also set a start computation method and a default duration for an item using which Flowrev can automatically set service dates for corresponding invoice or bill lines - both for pre-loaded invoice or bill lines without recognition schedules, and for new lines on invoices or bills when they are loaded.

To do this:
  1. check auto date is enabled for your org - visit Organisation > Change/Update > Org (details in OPS column)
  2. if yes, from the Items page, go to the item details for the item of interest (use the OPS column)
  3. set the default start computation method desired and any parameters needed for the option selected
  4. set the default duration - it can only be a positive number
  5. review the "update unlocked line dates" setting
    1. leave it checked to update invoice or bill line dates
    2. or uncheck it if you do not want the dates auto set/updated for "unlocked" line items i.e. items without schedules or for which you have set custom dates using the invoice details page's "update item parameters" button
  6. click "Update defaults"

The defaults will be updated, and if the option is set, all pre-loaded unlocked invoice line item service start and end dates will be updated. When new invoices are loaded, the dates for invoice lines based upon the item with defaults set will also be set.
We recommend you review the service dates for each invoice line with an auto date generated prior to schedule creation.