On the Org > Details page, the system lets you specify a few different settings, provides information about the features included in your Flowrev subscription, your account privileges, and baseline information about your organization from the accounting system (e.g. period lock dates, etc.)

Navigate to the org details page by visiting ORG > Change/Update > OPS button in the organization row:

The different settings shown on this page are explained below:

The org settings (1 - 6), optional subscription features (7 - 9) and account privileges (10 - 17) shown are explained below:
  • 1 : The org transition date is the date the Generate Revenue Schedule operation on the Revenue page starts processing invoices and bill onwards from for schedule creation.  It helps users transition from their old process, e.g. spreadsheets, to using Flowrev.  By default Flowrev will not process transactions loaded from prior to this date - otherwise when Generate Revenue Schedule is run, the system analyzes all transactions in the entire fiscal year for schedule creation.  The transition date is also used during regular operation with period lock dates to similarly bound the start date of the fiscal year during schedule creation.

  • 2 : The latest date of transactions evaluated for schedule creation. By default all transactions in the selected fiscal year on the Revenue page or Costs page are evaluated from the beginning of the fiscal year (subject to transition date above which can limit the first/start date) to the end of the fiscal year.  This setting can limit the last/end date of transactions evaluated for schedule creation within the fiscal year.

  • 3: By default Flowrev will persist your Org's connection to Xero across your logins. Disable it if you prefer to connect to your Org after log in each time, and disconnect automatically when you log out.

  • 4: For Xero "inventory" items (Product/Services) these values determine the value of the default recognition parameters the system will set upon new item load from the accounting system.  The value set here will also be automatically reflected on invoice/bill lines that are based upon that item. See this article for more details.

  • 5: For invoice/bill lines that are not based upon items (as in 3 above), the default recognition parameters specified here will be used to set each such invoice/bill line recognition parameters when that invoice/bill is loaded.  The default value set on each line can be modified via the invoice details page prior to schedule creation.  See this article for more details.

  • 6: By default, Flowrev will allocate all account payable credit note documents as offset to OPEX. Toggle this setting to apply it to COGS. Learn more about credit note handling here.

  • 7: If showing as "Yes" this setting indicates that Flowrev will compute and journal schedules including Xero tracking categories.  For details of Flowrev subscriptions, see flowrev.com/pricing

  • 8: If showing as "Yes" this setting indicates that Flowrev's auto date feature is enabled.  See this article for more details.

  • 9 : Indicates whether the line quantity is used to compute duration for line service date setting required for revrec/costrec schedule creation.

  • 10 - 17 : these show the different privileges your account has on executing operations on the selected org. Admin users have all privileges. [RO] uses are read-only and cannot execute any operations. [LP] users are limited-privilege users and will have only a sub-set of privileges.